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It's feel good but slow paced. This time Edward Ellis plays a country doctor who grows old and poor because of his kind heart, which won't allow him to turn away sick people even if they don't have the money to pay him. Garson Kanin directed the screenplay by Dalton Trumbo and it's pretty faithful to the original movie. The fact that it's too faithful is the only real problem with the picture because if you've seen the original then you know everything that's going to happen here.

Other than that I'd say this version is somewhat better as the story is better laid out and there's a new opening and closing, which suits the story very well.

Ellis is terrific in his role and brings a lot of class and warmth to his character. A fine, simple story, with pacing and subtleties that reveal the film's real hero: screenwriter Dalton Trumbo.

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An example too of a movie that doesn't have to be a silent to be nearly lost. All the prints were deteriorated beyond use until TCM located and restored a copy with Dutch subtitles burned onto it. Hooray for TCM, once again! Finally: what is UP with the scene where the brother and "sister" do a full-mouth kiss? I loved it, but bizarrely there was no followup. Remake of Lionel Barrymore 's sentimental One Man's Journey with well respected character actor Edward Ellis in a rare lead role as the struggling country doctor.

I felt this one was better constructed, but this moral story about the medical profession and human decency still lacks that continuum to really capture that emotional peak. I guess that comes down to holes in the writing because that was part of the problem with the version too. Pre-code oddities: dude learns that his sister isn't really his sister, trudging towards marriage despite their brother-sister dynamic.

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Also, the man to remember, John Abbot, is kind of a terror. Financially embittered, hoping that an infantile paralysis epidemic he predicted comes true just to prove the bad businessmen incorrect. Entertainingly misguided, not the saintly production it markets itself as. Thought to be a lost film for many years, A Man to Remember is a fictional biography about a philanthropic small-town doctor, told in retrospect. It's a novel concept. The Dalton Trumbo script is well constructed with humor, drama, conflict, social satire, a bit of moralizing.

Worth watching.

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Moving drama of the life a dedicated small town doctor and the struggles he goes through. Edward Ellis is excellent in the lead. Not enough ratings yet. Select category Add custom category.

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