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Thus there is a concern, as noted in the conclusions of the original effort, that the gains in available equipment will be short lived unless MSHA accepts updates to the IEC standards on a continual basis as well as the standards themselves.

A contract was issued to evaluate the quality assurance relative to IEC-based standards usage in the U. As mentioned earlier, of the 13 explosion protection techniques that are used in other industries, there is only one other than 2-fault intrinsic safety that is recognized by MSHA. That is the use of explosion proof XP boxes, these are referred to as flameproof FP containers internationally IEC ; the purpose of which is to limit the explosion to inside the container so it does not propagate into the surrounding environment.

Additionally, unlike the situation for two-fault intrinsic safety where all other U.

Explosion proof / ATEX signaling devices

The fundamental question to be answered, in the context of current U. Such a comparison has proven very difficult to make without consideration of all factors contributing to the risk of an explosion, which include not only the equipment protection technique, but the reliability and effectiveness of the mine ventilation, monitoring of the atmosphere, and maintenance of the equipment, among other things.

It is clear that the two techniques explicitly recognized by U. For instance, could more practical and affordable atmospheric monitors with integrated systems shutoff be developed using alternate explosion protection techniques rather than the techniques currently used in the U. If the answer to these questions are yes, in order to realize the advantages, then a different means of determining the equivalent level of protection on a more complete basis may need to be adopted.

Potential methods include system level methods such as those put forth in the IEC standard for Safety Instrumented Systems, which provides guidelines for quantitative assessment of the Safety Integrity Level SIL of systems. Skip directly to site content.

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Protection types

Links with this icon indicate that you are leaving the CDC website. The technology of protection [4] can range in price dramatically but where the type of device is rational to use, would typically be from least to most expensive solutions: explosion doors and vents dependent on quantities and common denominators, either may end up the wise price choice ; inerting: explosion suppression; isolation — or combinations of same.

Rupture membrane type vents can provide a leak tight seal more readily in most cases; have a relatively broad tolerance on their release pressure and are more readily incorporated into systems with discharge ducts. There are several fundamental considerations in the review of a system handling potentially explosive dusts, gases or a mixture of the two. Dependent upon the design basis being used, often National Fire Protection Association Guideline 68, the definition of these may vary somewhat.

Explosion Protection Systems

To facilitate providing the reader with an appreciation of the issues rather than a design primer, the following have been limited to the major ones only. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The motors of the EDR. Motors of the EDR..

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CSA marks are accepted by many manufacturers, retailers, regulators and inspectors in the electrical, gas, building and plumbing sectors throughout the U. The EDR.. The product-specific requirements are defined in the various applicable standards.

These Equipment Protection Levels identify suitability of equipment for potentially explosive areas according to the zone classifications. The equipment must be designed with explosion protection measures of different levels depending on the category or EPL. Group II is reserved for devices for areas with potential risk of gas explosions. The hazard increases from A to C.

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The expansion of the standards also changes the Ex marking of motors that must be specified on the motor nameplate and elsewhere. With the designation of the explosion protection, you have to distinguish between the designation according to the directive e.

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II2D and the designation according to standard e. We provide gearmotors and motors for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with the relevant European standards and IEC regulations. This also applies to options and accessories in the explosion-proof version. The new EN ISO and standards specify the basic requirements for the design, construction, testing and labeling of non-electrical equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Safe, competitive and profitable with explosion proof certification

There is a transition period, which ends on October 31, Labeling has changed significantly and has been adapted to the labeling system for electrical equipment. The previous labeling with protection type "c" protection by design safety or "k" protection by liquid immersion has been dropped and replaced by the new letter "h". Just send us a message with your questions. We use cookies to optimize the navigation and to ensure you the best experience visiting our website.

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