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Plan on learning cutting-edge health information, getting to know your local addiction experts and treatment providers, and having just plain fun. A representative will be on hand to answer your questions. Why Come?

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Contrary to popular belief, two out of three people with drug problems are employed full-time. And the workshops will include practical, everyday ideas as well as theoretical concepts. Your mind may need broadening.

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Not all addicts are homeless, loners, or obviously disconnected from the surrounding world. Many people with serious chemical problems are also high-earning executives who stay on the job for years while keeping their dependency a secret; many other people become addicted through legitimate prescriptions from legitimate doctors.

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All addicts, however much responsibility they bear for originating their own problems, are genuinely ill and need compassion and understanding, especially once they reach the point of genuinely wanting to solve their problems. When Mooney, whose husband is in a band, couldn't find a suitable rock 'n' roll alphabet book for her daughters, she decided to create one herself.

Near the end of the process, Mooney passed away unexpectedly from meningitis, but her husband and others finished the project in her honor. Masiello and Brockway's fart-centric alphabet features such gems as "Left Cheek Squeak," "Noxious," and "Silent But Deadly," and the letters are green gassy clouds.

Puck's board book for "gastronomes in training" teaches both the alphabet as well as the foodie terms, with pronunciation guides and descriptions for all the terms and colorful illustrations by Lemay.

ABC Activities with Fun Ways to Teach Letters

The Peats initially designed this Star Wars-themed alphabet as wall hangings for their baby's bedroom. They later printed it up in book form to show family members and distribute as a thank you to those who contributed to their baby's college fund. Now, it just lives on Brandon's web site.

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  • Independent design studio n9ve created this alphabet video experiment in which each letter visually represents the meaning of its word. Check out their behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot, as well as their first alphabet video , in which each letter correlates to a font.

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