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What is a crisis? Exercise: Crisis audit Conducting a crisis audit for your business, including brainstorming and prioritising potential problems. Introducing our scenario.

Exercise: Crisis planning Establishing your key audiences, establishing communication methods, key roles, key messages and holding statements, social media. Planning in advance to prevent crises. Creating a tailor-made crisis strategy.

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When the unexpected happens. For example, the concluding model answers questions such as whether one should use different media strategies during different phases of the crisis, when is one strategy better than anther, the limitations of media usage, the relations between a change in reality and changes in image, how place stereotypes can be changed, how the social and political environment affects the choice of strategies, how damage to an image can be downsized, and many more. Review quote "In the last decade place image has become one of the most talked about concepts amongst politicians, economists and destination management professionals but it still needs greater exploration and analysis.

Eli Avraham and Eran Ketter make a major contribution to that task in this timely book. Media Strategies for Places in Crisis is scholarly yet hugely readable and readily communicates the authors' command of their subject.

Media Strategies for Marketing Places in Crisis

This book is set to become a must have for anyone involved in place marketing, whilst likely to become a popular text on the burgeoning range of university courses in this field. The authors' exploration of the impact of critical events on place image is sound, sensible and makes an important contribution to the field. Highly recommended reading for national, regional and city administrators. It is clearly written and its logic is easy to follow.

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Avarham and Ketter succinctly and successfully synthesise various destination crisis management literature and publications into an informative model and propose 24 media strategies. Even though some local cases are not readily familiar to international readers or students, instructors can easily adapt these examples to their local settings or simply replace them with local ones to help students better grasp the ideas.

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With its extensive references and citations, instructors can also prepare multimedia teaching materials easily. Overall, Media Strategies for Marketing Places in Crisis is a practical guide and useful reference book for both destination-marketing practitioners and university instructors who teach tourism and media.

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Analyses of many case studies show interesting examples of places that tried to change a negative image into a positive one, in order to bringing back tourists, investors and residents. Although a great deal of knowledge about crisis communications has accumulated in recent years, very little has been written about strategies to improve places' negative images. The aim of "Media Strategies for Marketing Places in Crisis" is to discuss the various dimensions of an image crisis and different strategies to overcome it, both in practice and theory.