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Durham, , p. IV, , p. Paris, Robert Laffont, coll. I had heard much of the indecency, of which some female were guilty, in respect to costume at Paris, and I had already seen specimens of the thinness of their apparel.

Physiologies parisiennes , Paris, Aubert, Ivimy, op. Sommaire - Document suivant. La cristallisation du mythe de la Parisienne Illustration 4, A. Illustration 5, E.

Jean Jacques Rousseau

Illustration 6, J. Illustration 7, A.

The Anti-Emile - St. Augustine

Illustration 9, les Parisiennes de Kiraz, vers Agrandir Original jpeg, 88k. Les bonnes femmes, film de Claude Chabrol, The opposition seems clear, but one must search for what led Rousseau to reduce Montesquieu to being a descriptive author, a simple observer. Could Rousseau ignore the fact that Montesquieu criticizes slavery and political servitude EL , XV , he who assimilates his analyses in book I, chapter 4 of the Contrat social? The general will is a purely political criterion that allows one to judge the legitimacy of established governments while doing without the false authorities of history and nature.

Rousseau is thus desirous of knowing and observing these governments which he wants to judge. The proximity with Montesquieu seems great precisely where Rousseau would like to deny it.

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And Rousseau lacked the courage to finish Les Institutions politiques in which he would have applied these principles. The confrontation of a political law yet to come with the study of positive law carried out by Montesquieu, a confrontation that calls for the text of Emile , V, can thus only be done in hypothetical mode.

Our principles of political law are this scale.

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Our measures are the political laws of each country. They had passed off despotism as a right confirmed by nature, but Montesquieu passed off his preferences, inclinations, and interests as facts that can no longer be criticized or evaluated under the pretext that they are facts, which is a way of legitimizing them. But what is new and non-exclusive of that, they must also be suited to their own nature as laws F. Whereas for Montesquieu freedom is a psychological result the feeling of security obtained by various conditions the constitution, moderation of punishments, the ease and freedom in which the mores are left, etc.

The general interest is objective and the same for all to Rousseau. No such like in Montesquieu, according to whom many regimes can function without even the representation of a common good EL , III, 7. The more one contemplates this principle established by Montesquieu, the more one feels its truth.

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