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In thi Do you ever beat yourself up over a failure or a sin struggle you can't seem to shake? Culture seems to teach that when we fall short, we're no longer as lovable or valuable—we're failures. Because of this, we can become consumed with negative, self-condemning thoughts that can leave us feeling paralyzed. But is this what Jesus wants for us? What do sinners do?

Standing Firm in a Time of Shaking

They sin. Sinning comes naturally and is to be expected from people who don't know Jesus. The battle against sin truly begins after you accept Jesus into your life. It's at that point where you begin to feel the pull toward sinning — yet also feel a counter-pull that makes it difficult to sin.

Because you're now a saint In the midst of so much international and interpersonal turmoil, it is easy to wonder: Why is it like this? What is God doing? How can I possibly carry on in this chaotic world? These questions, incredibly pertinent today, were also asked by the psalmist of Israel several thousand years ago. Jesus' first instruction to the faithful disciples before He ascended to heaven was to do nothing!

That was their first assignment. It sounds crazy considering there were millions of people who needed to hear the Good News of salvation through Jesus. And yet, Jesus told them to stay put in Jerusalem and do nothing—nothing except to wait for the What does your daily schedule look like?

Shaking Up Your World

Is it full of errands and events? Sometimes we become workaholics and worriers, filling our days with too many tasks and constant concerns about things we can't control rather than taking time to focus on the most important thing of all. In this message, Jill Briscoe uses the example of Martha to show us Have you ever wondered what a normal Christian life looks like—what the core aspects of a faith walk are, or why your faith walk looks different from someone else's?

In this message, Pete Briscoe seeks to answer these questions by outlining a passage of Scripture that he believes to be the secret to understanding the Bible and the Christian lif Jill Briscoe teaches that From birth, we embark on a lifetime of learning and we learn in a variety of ways.

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If we assume that we were created by an intentional God who had something in mind when He created us, then clearly we need to learn much about Him and His purposes. Thankfulness finds its resting place at the feet of Jesus—our comforter, our protector, and our healer. This message is a reminder that Jesus was and always will be in the business of healing people in all areas of life. And even when he hasn't healed as we hope, we can still trust Him in His sovereignty.

An educated man is one who has learned how to learn and never stops learning. But it's important to note that spiritual wisdom differs from earthly wisdom because spiritual wisdom comes from the Spirit of Christ—from heaven. Jesus is coming again. He is coming soon Jill Briscoe boldly states this as she talks about the second coming of Christ. She explains the need to be alert and shares the joy in anticipating His return. How can I know that I belong to the King and His kingdom?

What characteristics should shine through my life? Jill gives us some examples of Christ-following traits in Luke chapter This message is centered on the Good Samaritan—the man in the ditch. The frightening realization that the atrocities against believers depicted in Daniel's visions are still to come begs the question of why Christians are allowed to endure this evil time.

In this message Pete Briscoe teaches from the last chapter of Daniel where there we glean some understanding about why God allows the persecution and the etern Sep 29, Sep 22, Find God at work in my adversity. The shake up produces inspection. What does this problem reveal about me? The shake up produces correction. What is this problem teaching me? The shake up produces direction.

Shaking of the Church

Where is this problem leading me? The shake up produces protecti on. How is this problem protecting me? The shake up produces perfection. How is this problem growing me? Sep 15, Series: Individual Sermons. What do we believe? Who do we serve? Consider: Do I take opportunities to witness to others using what they understand to explain or point to a deeper spiritual Truth?

What truth are we called to tell people in our lives? Consider: Do I take opportunities share the message of Christ with others using what they understand to explain or point to a deeper spiritual Truth? What are we called to live out with our lives?

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The fields are already ripe for harvest. Consider: Who are you sharing Christ with? Are you clear about the mission you are on? The whole of our ministry is to encourage, console, strengthen, teach, and train. You will find his logic compelling as he brings a fresh, practical perspective to the Scriptures.

Born in England, Stuart left a career in banking to enter the ministry full time. He has written more than 50 books, received three honorary doctorates and preached in more than one hundred countries.

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He was senior pastor of Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin, for thirty years, and currently serves as minister-at-large. Jill Briscoe was born in England and found Christ when she was 18 years old. She never looked back. Upon graduating from Cambridge University, she began working as a teacher by day and had a vigorous street ministry to the youths of Liverpool by night.