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What I hoped to convey to young readers in this book was not only the important role immigration has played in the building of Canada, but also how varied the immigrant experience was from one decade to the next. I also make it a point to include in my books, voices or stories that would otherwise be lost. Part of my research for this book focussed on finding voices of people who had come through Pier 21 as children or teenagers.

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I felt their stories would be of greater interest to young readers, as they could more easily relate to the experiences of children their own age. I was fortunate to be able to preserve many such voices in my book. Highly Recommended. She combines historical narrative, interesting facts, and archival evidence in the form of documents and photos, to create an enjoyably immersive experience for young history readers.

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After you draft cards, your character begins in a village, with nothing more than hopes and dreams and a cat. By moving your character around the village via a worker placement mechanism, you collect food, mine for gems, buy pack animals, and recruit caravan members to assist with your travels. Your adventures are listed in a separate book, with events ranging from pleasant to acid trip.

You are given options that require you to roll dice to test a certain skill. If you pass, you get stuff—if you fail, you get nothing. Now, this may sound boring or uninspiring and in a stand-alone game, it is , but in a campaign your decisions can carry over to your next game and the side quests weave a story into the game. Leveling up your characters by spending experience points allows you to gain certain advantages at the beginning of the game and is a nice touch that really fleshes out the light RPG aspect of Near and Far.

The mechanics are basic—nothing new or innovative—and they hold the game back.

The lack of meaningful player interaction and virtually no negative consequences keep Near and Far from being a great game. Our games played out more like an episode of Seinfeld than Lord of the Rings, more comedy and mishaps than difficult decisions.

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Dueling is dull. If you choose to occupy certain areas in the village at the same time as another player, a duel occurs. Dice are rolled and combat skills computed. If you are the attacker and lose the duel, you go to jail. I wish the mechanism impacted the game play—most players will just avoid dueling altogether and it has little bearing on the game as a whole.

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  • Some of the stories fall flat—I wish more variety was offered. Where are the deep moral choices? If the adventures had been more of a choose-your-own-adventure type story, the game would have really engaged and captured its audience. But if you choose the wrong path in some of the side quests, it ends prematurely. As mentioned above, steer clear of the stand-alone game.

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    Lack of character development and side quests suck the life out of the Arcade Mode. However, quite unexpectedly, somewhere along the meandering way. I got attached. Near and Far is far more than the sum of its parts. The story and the relaxing, unhurried gameplay make the game a calming, comforting experience.

    The mechanisms of the game are not the game.