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To start with, you should check out which buttons are available in the Finder toolbar.

By default, you see the Back and Forward buttons, the four View buttons, the Arrange button, the Action button, the Share button, the Edit Tags button, and a Search field. If you simply want to thin out the toolbar, you can remove any of these buttons easily.

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Just press and hold the Command key, and then drag one of the buttons off the toolbar. And if you want to rearrange the buttons—you might prefer the Search field to be on the left, for example - press and hold the Command key and drag a button to where you want it. But you can do a lot more than just move and remove buttons.

You can add a number of other buttons and fields to the Finder toolbar. To add any of these items to the toolbar, just drag and then release them where you want them to live.

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Try the different options and choose what works best for you. In addition to the stock toolbar buttons, you can add any file, folder, or app to the Finder toolbar. This gives you quick access to items you use often. To add an item to the toolbar, hold down the Command key and drag it to the toolbar. You can drag it to the exact position where you want to use it. When you release the Command key, the icon will stay where you want. You can add files, folders, and apps to the Finder toolbar.

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Obsessed with and extraordinarily gifted at finding things, Walter's mood swings somewhat vary very unpredictably between cheerful optimism and bouts of paranoia. He can also be quite sensitive about delicate questions, but is extremely loyal to his friends and clients, refusing to quit until he's solved his current case, even when they fire him.

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Walter often thinks 'outside the box' which outside observers sometimes mistake for mental instability ; this unusual approach to investigative work dovetails nicely with his 'finder power', often revealing information that is not readily apparent initially. Walter's mother was a drunk who left the family for a richer man when Walter was a freshman student in high school.

He chose to stay with his father while his older brother Langston Sherman went with her after the divorce one year later. Walter was a member of the 16 th Military Police Brigade, where he reached the rank of Major. He served in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

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After surviving the explosion, he was given an honorable discharge, and his father tried to commit him to a mental hospital, leading to their estrangement. Leo is Walter's best friend, handler, sidekick, and legal adviser -- and, in dangerous situations, often the 'muscle' of the team. He owns the bar from which Walter and his friends operate.

When his wife and daughter died of E. Coli poisoning, Walter stopped him from killing the man responsible.

She often provides whatever information on criminal activity she can give Walter when their paths cross. They also agreed to putting their "friends with benefits" relationship on hold whenever one person tries to start a relationship with someone else. They call this condition "Paragraph C. Willa is a criminal mastermind who was under Leo's supervision and worked at the bar. She uses her various skills to aid Walter and Leo in their searches, notably her pickpocketing. She also used her family's underworld connections to assist in locating people associated with the things they find.

Willa's cousin and confidante. He offers his assistance to the team when Willa asks him for a favor.

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He also pulls multiple scams and cons to make money.